Rod Davis (Consultant) played banjo with The Quarrymen from 1956 to mid 1957 until he was replaced in the band by Paul McCartney. Says Rod, “I lived in Woolton and first met John Lennon, Pete Shotton, Nigel Walley, Ivan Vaughan and Geoff Rhind at St. Peter’s Sunday School when we were very small boys! I lived near Colin Hanton and we used to play street football together. I met Eric Griffiths when we both started at Quarry Bank School, and Len Garry when he became The Quarrymen’s tea-chest bass player. Eric invited me to join The Quarrymen in early 1956 just after I bought a banjo. He and John taught me which chords to play and I soon learnt to busk. I never actually played with Paul as I drifted out of The Quarrymen in the summer of 1957. I stayed on at Quarry Bank into the 6th form but all the others had left; John Lennon to go to Liverpool College of Art, Pete Shotton to become a police cadet, and Eric Griffiths to become an apprentice.” Since 1997, he has been playing guitar for the revived Quarrymen and sharing vocals with Len Garry.