***** 5 Stars
“Hilarious and touching. This is the genuine article and a must for even the most casual Beatles observer.”
—Irish Post
***** 5 Stars
“Magnificent… Pelka’s performance is captivating.”
**** 4 Stars
“Alexander Marshall’s breakneck script bristles with wit and humanity. Valentine Pelka is superb.”
— Three Weeks
**** 4 Stars
“Not some groovy magical mystery fluff-job, but rather a real attempt to get closer to Lennon’s demons and motivations.”
— Edinburgh Evening News
**** 4 Stars
“Compelling… intelligent, informed and warmly droll.”
— Metro
**** 4 Stars
“And in the End cannot fail to impress.”
— Edinburgh Guide
**** 4 Stars
“Fascinating… witty and quite moving.”
— The List
“Powerful… a thrilling experience. Brilliantly conceived.”
— Daily Express
“Illuminating… a tremendous piece of work. Valentine Pelka is John Lennon.”
— BBC Radio Scotland

"The script, by Alexander Marshall, who is also the director, is witty, interesting and detailed. Valentine Pelka (who looks like him and whose physical and vocal work is superb) plays Lennon with a nice, sharp bitterness. Pelka and Marshall present a Lennon who is mischievous, clever and rebellious when young, and increasingly distressed as fame traps him."
— The Australian
"He’s angry, vindictive, profane, nervous and funny. Pelka manages to completely inhabit his character and we very quickly see the man on stage as Lennon."
— Daily Telegraph
"I saw the bloody fantastic Lennon play… And in the End… and feel like I now know his story… and a great job by the actor, Valentine Pelka, showing his own Liverpool roots… like watching the man himself… don’t miss it!"
— Billy Connolly, Actor/Comedian